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How does it work?

All you need is a chair and 10 to 15 minutes of time to let the artwork work on you in peace. Completely free and without prior knowledge of art history or the artist’s vita, we converse about your ideas. There is no right or wrong here – your impressions are valid and valuable and thus the linchpin of the guided tour. It's all about you: You have the space to tell your story. You experience, you describe. We accompany you and guide you methodically to your personal core statement of the work.

Let us take you away!

At BILDERLEBEN, we take an hour to move along with a work of art. In a joint discussion, we address a wide variety of questions: What comes to mind? What emotions does the work trigger in you, what stories run through you? This results in a long moment of tranquility from which often thought-provoking impulses for everyday life continue to have an effect around relevant life questions and areas of life. This creates a gentle kind of self-awareness for you: unique, personal, moving. It simply feels good.

«Art is the best way 
to understand the culture of the world.»
Pablo Picasso

About us

BILDERLEBEN is an initiative founded in 1994 by Dr. Hans-Christian Heiling –together with postgraduate psychologists and psychology students of the University of Cologne. Under guidance, the college learns and practices morphological concepts according to Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Salber and art-psychological procedures of Dr. Hans-Christian Heiling. Since then, BILDERLEBEN has been continuously developed and offers guided psychological art reflections and picture viewings for visitors of the museums Wallraf-Richartz/Fondation Corboud, Ludwig and Schnütgen in Cologne .

A unique art experience is waiting for you - 
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Psychological viewings of pictures in 
Cologne museums.

Bilderleben is an initiative by
Dr. Hans-Christian Heiling.


Antwerpener Str. 35
50672 Köln